Top 4 Best Dark Spot Removal Cream For Face In India

best dark spot removal cream for the face in india

Have you felt irritating because some body parts do not match with your skin tone? Do you have a dark spot on your face? Don’t worry. Today I am here with the solution to your problem. When any people get a dark place on their faces, they feel insecure and always cover it up or trying to get rid of it. They try many scrubs, face washes, and mask to get rid of this, but spots can be a lot more stubborn. To remove dark spots from your skin altogether, you need the best dark spot removal cream for face in India.

It is impossible to cover it thought makeup. But now you don’t need to hide them anymore. We’ve found a more natural solution to brighten your areas of discoloration, without any hassle or pain! You can quickly fix them if you know which product to use. We have a four best dark spot removal cream for the face, completely removes, and getting your skin tone back.

Best Dark Spot Removal Cream For Face In India

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4 Best Dark Spot Removal Cream

1. Pond’s White Beauty Cream

Pond's White Beauty Anti Spot Fairness cream

Pond’s is an American brand that started in 1846 and has the best products for face cream. Pond’s White Beauty is an excellent face cream and suitable for all skin tones. The cream packed in white and pink cardboard. Pond’s white beauty moisturizes your skin and removes the dark spot

It comes with spf15 formula, which blocks dark spot-causing harmful UV sun rays. Its anti-spot formula with vitamin b3 fade dark spot from inside and give redient glowing on your skin. The cream works well and keeps skin moisturizing for a long. The cream doesn’t make your skin oily, which is the best part of this cream.

After bath or wash, take a pearl-sized amount of pond’s white beauty onto your finger. Apply a few dots on your dark spot first. Massage evenly and Deep on your skin, especially dark spots. Use this every day to see your spot-less skin.


  • The cream used or any skin types.
  • Give an instant glow on the face.


  • Not bring out good results for dry skin

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2. Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Night Cream

Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Night Cream

Garnier is brand manufacture by loreal. Loreal is a big giant in the field of beauty and cosmetic products. Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Night Cream glow your skin, not make your skin much fairer, best for all skin types, scale dead cells, and lightens dark spots from the face.

The cream is the best dark spot removal cream for face which nourishes your skin while you sleep. This cream contains Vitamin C, Lemon Essence & Yoghurt Bifidus. It reduces dullness, scales dead cells, and lightens spots & skin tone. Its ultra-light formula quickly absorbs on your skin. Garnier Skin Cream gives you a fast result.

It gives fair skin in 28 days by daily use. Every night before sleep, face wash your wash correctly. Apply it on your face and neck. Repeat on every night for the best result. 


  • For all skin type
  • Improves skin texture
  • Fades away dark spots


  • Makes skin oily within a few hours of application

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3. Olay Day Cream

Olay Day Cream

I am talking about one of the best skincare brands, which is olay. I trust in olay and also personally used their products and work well for me. Olay is the all in one cream glow your skin, remove a dark spot from the face. Olay Cream is suitable for all skin types.

Olay day cream formulated with SPF 24 from that protects from harmful sun rays and avoid the skin from becoming dark and dull again. The cream also contains Vitamin B3, which helps to reduce dark spots & visibly lightens skin. Skin-nourishing Vitamins help to enhance skin naturally and keep you fairer longer. Olay Day Cream work for both male and female skins.

Olay’s mild formulation acts upon your skin to give it feeling more soft and smooth, going away sun damage and skin irritation & best dark spot removal cream for face. The cream is off white, and it has a delightful fragrance.


  • Makes skin smooth and soft
  • Get absorb quickly
  • Does not contain any harmful agents. 


  • Not suitable for oily skin
  • It takes time to reduce dark spots

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4. Richfeel Anti Blemish Cream

Richfeel Anti Blemish Cream

If your skin has an acne-prone and dark spot, then richfeel anti-blemish cream reduced and makes your skin clean and clear. The cream has a power of lighting in the dark place from the surface. This is the best homeopathic remedy for fair looking skin. It gives you a perfect skin-tone with a spotless facial glow.

The cream contains berberis is the best homeopathic remedy for a fairer looking skin. The flower has fantastic antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that help in fighting sunburns, rashes, insect bites, etc. The cream formulated that clean your skin from deep within and prevents acne. The cream helps to prevent the existing pimples, acne, and rash marks. 

Before use, wash your face. Take cream on your fingertips and massage over the face for 5 seconds, which had been completely absorbed. Use the cream at night when going to sleep. The review of this product in amazon is also good. They are happy with the results that the cream gave.


  • Contain Natural ingredients
  • Easily available in the market
  • Worked well on minor blemishes


  • Smell was artificial

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for men or women?

The product we review in this article is to work for both men and women who have a problem with dark spots on their skin. This product is the best dark spot removal cream for face and can remove the spot in 1-2 weeks from daily use.

Does this work on combination skin?

Some of this cream is best for combination skin. If you have read the brief article, we have mentioned the skin type. You can also check directly on amazon is this is match with your skin.

Can it be used as sunscreen?

It contains a minimum level of SPF. If you spend a maximum hour in sunlight, it can not protect you. If you mix it in with your moisturizer, you’re diluting your sunscreen and its ability to protect.

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