4 Best Hair Trimmer For Men In India | Review & Guide

Best hair trimmer for men in India

The best hair trimmer for men in India is a must-have device if you want to reduce the number of times you visit the barber. The trimmers are quite versatile as you can use them for trimming and even shaving the hair.

The hair trimmers come with varying accessories such as combs to enable one to get a clean trim or shave at home. The professional barber recommends the Trimmer & I use this Trimmer and working well for me for many days.  Well, if you need a quality hair trimmer for men, here is a review of the top 4 best hair trimmer for men brands from India.

Best Hair Trimmer For Men In India

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4 Best hair trimmer for men

1. Mi Corded & Cordless Waterproof Beard Trimmer with Fast Charging

You don’t need aid when trimming with this machine since it is super comfortable and safe to the skin. The trimmer has a self-cleaning stainless steel material resistant to rust and corrosion, so; you can comfortably clean it after use. The trimmer has 40 length settings with up to 0.5 mm precision so you can comfortably trim different textures and even length of hair.

The cordless design makes it a perfect option for travelers since you can conveniently use the device even in areas without power connection. Recharging the battery takes around 2 hours, and it can keep power for up to 90 minutes.


  • The body of the trimmer is washable.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty against any manufacturing defects.
  • The trimmer has pre lubrication for easy use.


  • This trimmer does not come with an adaptor, and you have to buy it separately.

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2. Kubra KB-309  Hair Clipper

Kubra KB-309 Hair Trimmer

Whether you wish to shave the hair or trim the edges slightly, this right here is the perfect device to consider getting. There are four adjustable tapers that you get to regulate according to the length of the hair you want to achieve. Thus, you can efficiently trim from 0.5 to 12 mm, respectively.

This trimmer is rechargeable, which means that it is cordless for convenient use in varying areas. There is an LCD that shows the battery power for easy monitoring of battery life which makes this the best hair trimmer for men in India. The trimmer is equipped with a high-quality stainless steel blade resistant to water damages so you can rinse after use.


  • This trimmer has four adjustments to fit different shaving needs.
  • It has a high-quality stainless steel blade.
  • The trimmer has LCD to display the battery level.
  • This device is cordless.


  • This trimmer does not come with a comb, unlike in other similar models.

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3. Philips BT1210 Cordless Beard Trimmer

Philips BT1210 Cordless Beard Trimmer

One of the outstanding features of this trimmer is shaving power, which is four times better than using other models. You can use it to trim the beard to different levels due to the sharp blade with long-lasting sharpness. Although the battery does not last long when shaving, it does a great job to ensure you are done and achieve the perfect trim within the 30 minutes. It provides a precision of 1 mm.


  • This trimmer has a quality and durable blade.
  • The sharpness of the blade lasts for long.
  • You can charge the trimmer using USB.
  • It is four times powerful in shaving.


  • The battery on this device takes a long time to recharge.
  • The battery only keeps a charge for 30 minutes.

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4. SYSKA Hair Trimmer For Men with Super- Fast Charging

SYSKA HB100 Ultraclip Hair Clipper

With a durable battery that keeps the charge for up to 90 minutes with minimal recharge time, this is one of the best hair trimmer for men in India to buy, especially for travelers. The trimmer has 20 lock-in length settings that range from 0.5 to 12 mm with a precision of 0.5 mm. The blades on this trimmer have stainless steel material crafting to resist corrosion and rusting. The blades are also coated with a ceramic material to secure the sharp edges for a long time.


  • This great trimmer comes with four stubble guide combs.
  • It only takes 1 1/2 hours to recharge the battery.
  • It has ceramic-coated blades that are resistant to rust and corrosion for durability.
  • This trimmer ships with a 2-year warranty.


  • This trimmer is quite expensive

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a trimmer damage my skin?

The trimmers come in varying designs to accommodate people with normal and sensitive skin. If a trimmer is recommended for one part of the skin only, make sure to use it on those parts since it may cause skin sensitivity or damage when used on other body parts.

Can a trimmer offer bald shaving?

The answer is no! The trimmers work just like shavers, whereby they cannot remove hair from the roots compared to epilators. One of the reasons they are suitable for trimming alone.

Can I use a hair trimmer to shave pubic hair?

Yes! But, there are specific trimmers that are suitable for trimming or shaving the pubic hair as well. Such a trimmer should be sharp and have a powerful motor to handle the hair.


If you live in India and you need quality trimmers for your hair, these are the top four best models to consider. They are perfect for trimming various beard/ hairstyles and textures, plus they come with accessories that you may need when using. These best hair trimmer for men in India are corded and cordless to fit use in different areas.

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